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5 Different Types of Leg Wraps for Horses



Different Types of Leg Wraps for Horses

Horses are some of the most majestic animals that have ever walked the face of this earth. They are known for their agility, speed, and gracefulness. As horse owners, it is our responsibility to ensure that our horses are well-taken care of and protected from any harm. One way to keep our horses physically fit and healthy is by using leg wraps. Leg wraps offer a lot of benefits to horses, including support, protection, and healing.

In this post, we’ll explore different types of leg wraps that you can use on your horse.

1. Standing Wraps

Standing wraps are used to provide support for a horse’s lower legs while it is standing still. These wraps offer an excellent way to protect your horse’s legs from getting bumps or nicks from banging against each other. Standing wraps also help to reduce swelling and promote circulation. You can use them after an injury or to prevent one before it happens. They can be made out of different materials, including cotton, flannel, and fleece.

2. Bell Boots

Bell boots are used to protect your horses’ lower legs and hooves from getting scuffed or hit while moving. When your horse is running, jumping, or kicking for any reason, it is vulnerable to getting hit and causing injury to its legs. Bell boots come in different materials such as leather, rubber, or neoprene. Additionally, these boots can be used during training sessions and while out on a ride.

3. Polo Wraps

Polo wraps are used mainly on the front legs to protect your horse from getting injured during exercise or training sessions. These wraps offer excellent support for your horse’s lower legs and help to prevent injuries from strains and bumps. Polo wraps come in different colors, materials, and patterns, allowing riders to express their personality while keeping their horses safe.

4. Shipping Boots

Shipping boots are used to provide protection to your horse’s legs during transportation. When transporting your horse, the legs are always vulnerable to getting hit or twisted, making these boots an essential part of any horse owner’s packing list. These boots are designed to offer maximum protection while still allowing your horse to move around comfortably and without feeling restricted.

5. Compression Wraps

Compression Wraps are specially designed leg wraps that offer support, healing, and comfort by adjusting pressure. Compression wraps help to increase circulation and reduce inflammation and swelling in your horse’s lower legs. These wraps can be made out of materials like neoprene or elastic and can be used during training or as a therapy wrap after an injury.


Leg wraps are essential for protecting your horse’s legs and ensuring they remain healthy and injury-free. Different types of leg wraps offer different benefits to your horse. It is important to choose the right type of leg wrap for your horse’s needs. Knowing each type of leg wrap will help you find the best fit for your horse. Always consult with your veterinarian or horse trainer before choosing leg wraps for your horse. They will be able to help you choose the best type and teach the proper way to use each wrap.

Keep your horses safe and sound with the right leg wraps, making them enjoy their life without any injury or discomfort.

I am Tommy, an avid equestrian who is passionate about the lifestyle. Writing for an equestrian blog has been a lifelong dream of mine, as I have been around horses my whole life. My mission is to share all the knowledge and experiences I have gathered throughout the years in order to help others reach their goals in this amazing sport. My dedication and enthusiasm towards horses and all things related to them never cease to amaze me!

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