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Should Horse Stall Doors Open In or Out?



Should Horse Stall Doors Open In or Out

As a horse owner or caregiver, one of the first things you’ll need to think about is the design and layout of your horse stalls. This includes deciding which way your horse stall doors should open. It may seem like a small decision, but it can cause a considerable debate amongst horse people. So, should horse stall doors open in or out? Let’s dive into the discussion surrounding this topic.


One of the essential factors that influence whether the door should swing inward or outward is the safety of the horses. Inward swinging doors are typically the safer option as they prevent horses from pushing them open and escaping. On the other hand, outward swinging doors can be a hazard if a horse pushes it and gets trapped or tangled in the swinging door. This can cause injury or even death.


Another factor to consider is the privacy of the horse in their stall. The direction of the door swing plays a significant role in providing a sense of privacy for horses in their stalls. Outward swinging doors allow other horses to poke their noses into the stall or even barge in, creating a risk of conflict and injury. A door that opens inward keeps out the curious noses of fellow horses, providing your horse with a bit more privacy, which can ultimately help your horse feel more relaxed and comfortable.


Timber frame barn builders suggest that a door that swings outward creates more usable space in the stall. This is because an inward-swinging door reduces the usable space available and limits the placement of feeders, light switches, and other stall accessories. If you have limited space, an outward-swinging door will help to make your stable area more accommodating and usable.


Finally, aesthetics is a crucial factor to many horse owners. Some caregivers might prefer one option over the other based on how the door looks when viewed from the barn’s exterior. Choosing an outward-swinging door may allow for a more traditional and rustic look, but this decision may come at the expense of your horse’s safety and privacy.


Choosing between an inward-opening or outward-opening stall door may seem like a small detail in designing a barn, but it can have a significant impact on both the safety and comfort of horses. While there are pros and cons to both, ultimately, the decision comes down to what works best for your horse and your stable’s design. It’s crucial to weigh the benefits and downsides of each option before making a final decision.

Whether you choose an inward-opening or outward-opening door, the most important thing is always to prioritize the safety, comfort, and well-being of your horses.

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