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What Are the Best Ponies for Kids?



What Are the Best Ponies for Kids

Ponies are a fantastic way to introduce kids to the joys of horse riding. These small, gentle horses are perfect for children who are learning to ride and can provide hours of fun and exercise. Choosing the best pony for your child, however, can be a daunting task. With so many breeds and types of ponies available, where do you start?

In this post, we’ll provide tips and advice on what to look for when choosing the best ponies for kids.


When it comes to ponies, size matters. You want to choose a pony that is the right size for your child. A pony that is too small will be uncomfortable to ride, while a pony that is too large may be intimidating for a young child. A good rule of thumb is to choose a pony that is at least one hand taller than your child.


Another important factor to consider is temperament. You want to choose a pony that is gentle, patient, and well-behaved. Ponies with a calm and friendly disposition are ideal for kids, especially those who are just starting to ride. Avoid ponies that are skittish or aggressive, as they can be dangerous for young riders.


There are many different breeds of ponies, each with its own unique characteristics. Some popular breeds for kids include Shetland, Welsh, and Connemara ponies. Shetlands are small and sturdy, while Welsh ponies are known for their beauty and athleticism. Connemara ponies are friendly, easy to train, and can excel in both riding and driving.

Riding Purpose

What is your child’s riding goal? If your child wants to ride competitively, you may want to look for a pony that has experience in showing or jumping. If your child simply wants to ride for fun, a more laid-back and relaxed pony may be a better choice. Consider what your child’s riding goals are and choose a pony that can help them achieve those goals.


Finally, you want to choose a pony that is easy to care for and maintain. Ponies, like all animals, require proper grooming, feeding, and medical attention. Make sure you are prepared to take on the responsibilities of caring for a pony before making your selection.


When it comes to choosing the best ponies for kids, there are several important factors to consider. You want a pony that is the right size, has a good temperament, and is well-suited for your child’s riding goals. By keeping these tips in mind, you can choose a pony that will provide your child with years of enjoyment and memories.

So don’t be afraid to ask questions, visit riding schools and stables, and take your time making your choice. Your child and their pony will thank you for it!

I am Tommy, an avid equestrian who is passionate about the lifestyle. Writing for an equestrian blog has been a lifelong dream of mine, as I have been around horses my whole life. My mission is to share all the knowledge and experiences I have gathered throughout the years in order to help others reach their goals in this amazing sport. My dedication and enthusiasm towards horses and all things related to them never cease to amaze me!

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