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Why Do Horses Wear Blinders?



Why Do Horses Wear Blinders

Anyone who has watched horse racing or carriage driving has likely noticed one thing: horses often wear blinders or blinkers. These are small cups or shields attached to the bridle that block the horse’s vision on the sides, only allowing them to see straight ahead. The reason for this practice might seem odd at first, but it actually has a long history and scientific reasoning.

In this post, we’ll explore the reason behind this little-known practice and discover why horses are fitted with blinders.

Why Horses Are Fitted with Blinders?

The practice of fitting horses with blinders dates back to ancient Greece, where it was believed that covering a horse’s eyes would make it calmer and easier to control. This belief was based on the idea that horses are easily spooked by sudden movements or unfamiliar objects, and that blocking their peripheral vision could prevent them from getting scared. Over time, this practice spread across Europe and became a standard practice in horse racing and carriage driving.

One of the primary reasons horses wear blinders is to help them focus on the task at hand. Horses are naturally curious animals, and their eyesight is essential for their survival in the wild. However, when they’re performing a specific task, their attention needs to be focused. This is especially true in horse racing, where split-second decisions can mean the difference between victory and defeat. By blocking out distractions, blinders help horses stay focused on the track or the road ahead.

Another reason for using blinders is to prevent horses from becoming spooked by shadows or bright colors. Horses have a highly sensitive visual system that enables them to see detail, contrast, and movement. However, this sensitivity can also lead to panic in some horses when they see something unexpected or scary. By limiting their vision to only what’s ahead, blinders can prevent horses from getting spooked and potentially causing harm to themselves or others.

Blinders are also used in horse-drawn carriages to ensure the safety of both the horse and the passengers. In urban environments, there are a lot of potential distractions that could frighten a horse, from honking horns to bicycles and pedestrians. By limiting their vision, blinders allow carriage horses to focus on the road ahead and avoid getting distracted by the chaos around them. This can help prevent accidents and keep everyone safe.

Finally, it’s worth noting that not all horses wear blinders. Horses used for dressage or other equestrian sports typically don’t wear them, as their focus is on completing precise movements rather than going as fast as possible. Additionally, some horses simply don’t like wearing them and may become agitated or stressed when they’re forced to wear them. It’s important to keep in mind that every horse is different, and what works for one may not work for others.


Horses wear blinders for several reasons, including preventing distractions, staying focused, avoiding spooking, and ensuring safety. While some may argue that blocking a horse’s vision is cruel, it’s important to remember that this practice has been used for centuries and has been shown to be effective in certain situations.

Ultimately, it’s up to horse owners and trainers to determine whether blinders are right for their horses and their specific needs.

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