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Why is My Horse Drooling So Much?



Why is My Horse Drooling So Much

Watching your horse constantly drool can be alarming, especially if it is not a typical behavior. But before you panic and start calling your vet, know that there may be various reasons why your horse is drooling excessively. Understanding the causes and solutions can help you provide the appropriate care and treatment to your equine companion.

Dental Issues

One of the most common reasons why horses drool excessively is dental problems. Horses’ teeth grow continuously throughout their lives, and if they become misaligned or develop sharp edges, it can cause pain and discomfort. This can lead to your horse drooling more than usual. Make sure your horse has regular dental check-ups and has had their teeth floated to solve any dental issues. This should fix the drooling problem.

Poisonous Plants

Another reason why horses may drool is due to eating poisonous plants. Some plants like Nightshade, Jimson weed, and Poison Hemlock contain toxins that can cause horses to drool excessively. If you suspect that your horse has ingested any poisonous plant, contact your vet immediately.

Ulcers in the Mouth

Ulcers in the mouth can also cause drooling in horses. Some horses may develop mouth ulcers from biting down too hard on something that is too tough or as a result of a physical trauma to the mouth. Mouth ulcers in horses can be treated using medicated creams or gels.

Digestive Problems

Horses that are experiencing digestive issues like colic or constipation may also drool excessively. Gastrointestinal discomfort can cause horses to drool as a result of an overactive production of saliva that lubricates the esophagus and stomach. Make sure your horse is on a healthy diet, gets enough exercise, and is free from parasites.


Finally, heatstroke, especially in the peak of summer, can cause horses to drool excessively. When horses overheat, it can cause increased salivation leading to drooling. Make sure your horse is in a cool area to avoid heatstroke and that they have easy access to clean drinking water.


Overall, drooling in horses can be a symptom of various underlying issues. Understanding the cause and addressing it can help your horse get back to their typical self.

If your horse continues to drool despite trying these solutions, contact your vet. Always remember to keep your horse’s health in check to avoid any complications.

I am Tommy, an avid equestrian who is passionate about the lifestyle. Writing for an equestrian blog has been a lifelong dream of mine, as I have been around horses my whole life. My mission is to share all the knowledge and experiences I have gathered throughout the years in order to help others reach their goals in this amazing sport. My dedication and enthusiasm towards horses and all things related to them never cease to amaze me!

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