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Will a Horse’s Tail Grow Back?



Will a Horse's Tail Grow Back

Tails are an essential aspect of a horse’s beauty and function, but they can easily become damaged or broken due to several reasons. As a horse owner or caretaker, you may be wondering if your horse’s tail will ever fully recover.

This post will enlighten you on the common ways horses’ tails can get damaged, and how you can help them grow back to full length and beauty once again.

Reasons Why Horses Lose Their Tail

Horses lose their tails due to several reasons, including constant rubbing, breakages, and accidental trimming. Whether it’s an itchy irritation, stuck in wire or a tree branch, rubbing or anything else, as a horse owner, it’s essential to identify the reason behind why the tail broke.

This identification allows you to take the necessary steps towards ensuring the tail grows back in good shape. For instance, if the tail broke due to itchy irritation, you can invest in anti-itch sprays, oils, and medication to keep such discomfort at bay.

The time it takes for a horse’s tail to grow back fully depends on several factors, including the degree of damage and the horse’s age. The average time for a healthy, young horse to grow back its tail is around three to four years. However, older horses or those with medical issues may take longer, even up to five years, to grow back their tails fully. Therefore, it’s all about patience and understanding that a horse’s tail may take some time to recover in some cases.

To aid your horse’s tail regrowth, you must ensure proper nutrition and grooming. Horses need proteins, biotin, minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients to help the hair follicles produce healthy hair. Make sure you serve your horse a balanced diet, and provide good hygiene to prevent tangles and hair breakage. Also, regular tail brushing helps enhance blood flow, which, in turn, promotes hair growth.

Another useful tip that will help your horse’s tail recover faster is to keep it bandaged. However, note that the bandage should be appropriately done to allow the tail to breathe and prevent any hair pulling or tangling. Alternatively, you can use tail bags or covers, which also keep the hair protected and clean.


Horses’ tails can grow back, but it takes patience, proper nutrition, and grooming. Regardless of the degree of tail injury, you can help your horse recover its full-length tail with the right approach. Be sure to identify the reason behind tail breakage and take the necessary steps towards remedying the issue. Feed your horse the right nutrients, keep the tail clean, and ensure appropriate grooming practices such as regular brushing.

If you follow these tips, your horse’s tail will soon grow back to its former glory, and you’ll be proud to show off your horse’s latest pride and joy at the barn!

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